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When it comes to the difficult job of full dock maintenance and repair, no one does it better than the experts here at Karina Lakefront Maintenance, Orlando FL. It does not matter if your dock is made of wood, composite, or even concrete, we have seen it all and are ready to lend you a hand in keeping your dock well maintained all year round.

Keeping Your Dock In Shape

With time, even the sturdiest of docks will see damage and weathering. Dock repair companies offer services aimed at getting docks back to their original state. Repairs and painting are all part of the job. If you prefer to prevent things from going out of hand, we also provide regular maintenance inspections to keep you ahead of potential issues.

We have dealt with boat dock repair situations like rotted docks, loose panels, or even cracks in docks. Many different kinds of boat dock issues can crop up when you are dealing with the unpredictability of weather, and wear and tear needs to be handled as soon as possible.

Beautify Your Surroundings

Not only are we able to help you keep things functional and safe, but we can also provide plenty of options when it comes to enhancing the look of your docks as well.

Dock ladders, dock cleats, line support, mooring whips, if there is any addition you are looking to fit for your dock, we have exactly what you need and the expertise to get it done.

You want your boat dock to look well maintained and inviting; not weathered and beaten down. We know exactly how a perfect dock looks and functions like and it’s our aim to help you achieve it.

Why Repair or Maintain Your Boat Dock?

For some of us, having a boat dock exposed to the seasons in Orlando FL can lend a spot of character. However, in a practical sense, that is not the way to go, especially for beautiful wooden docks. If you are a big fan of enjoying yourself in the outdoors on the dock, boating, fishing, or just enjoying the view, keeping the dock in working shape is of paramount importance.

Safety always comes first, which is why regular boat dock repair and maintenance is the key to preventing problems from spiraling out of control. Nuts, bolts, nails, and other parts of your support structures need to be checked, and the dock itself needs regular inspections and maintenance.

A routine cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in helping to extend the longevity of your dock. For wooden docks, this would mean the cleaning of the individual planks, as well as staining or even waterproofing.

Rather than replacing planks, helping to keep the condition of the wood up is a much more worthwhile investment.

Deck staining helps prevent the growth of mold, and protects your boat dock against the signs of aging and damage caused by insects. The protection the dock gets will extend its lifespan, and your dock will be even more attractive than before.

Maintaining Your Dock With Regular Dock repair

Sealing Wooden Docks

When it comes to boat dock repair in Orlando FL, it is important to seal the wood to prevent drying and mildew. In order to start the process, we start cleaning with a pressure washer, removing any mold or algae that might have grown with a dock cleaning solution. Then, we finish off by sanding the surface. Once the boat dock surface is dried, we can start the sealing process.

Inspecting Supports

If your boat dock happens to use piles for support or have an underwater platform, any damage could be catastrophic. We have the right knowledge of boat dock safety and structure to carry out a thorough inspection.

Clearing The Area

It is likely that organic creatures would have attached themselves to the docks. The likes of barnacles and other creatures can cause damage that can go unnoticed before it is too late. The same goes for any plants as well. We remove these obstructions and scrub the affected areas to clear the area.

Minor Boat Dock Repair Work

We can detect minor damage to your docks such as holes or scrapes. Those can be taken care of with wood putty or an easy treatment.

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With the weather that we get here in Orlando FL, boat dock wear and tear is to be expected. Don’t let the damage wear into the structure of your boat dock to the point where it can no longer sustain itself and a total replacement is needed. Call us to handle your Orlando boat dock repair issues before the weather takes a big toll.

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