Lake Maintenance Plans

Setting up your maintenance plan is easy and affordable. You will be able to approve quotes, track visits, pay online, review your maintenance agreement and request visits through our online client service portal.

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Continued maintenance is recommended for optimal long-term results
and to maintain your property’s value. It allows nuisance vegetation
suppression all year round so that your lakefront stays looking
beautiful after the initial cleaning. Establishing an integrated
maintenance program for your lakefront is a customized process
based on the goals of our clients. This may involve mechanical and
manual plant removal, pruning of existing vegetation, herbicide
applications, and considering the introduction of biological controls,
such as triploid grass carps if the nuisance vegetation is exceptionally
difficult to eradicate. During the maintenance program, we can adapt
the approach due to changes in your lake’s ecology. Different times of
year result in differing lake conditions, and our staff is trained to
address these changes with emphasis on detail and aesthetics.

Keeping your lakes and ponds clean is
an extremely important service when it
comes to maintaining your property

Weather and lake conditions are unpredictable and can vary from
month to month. By creating a maintenance plan, your lakefront will
receive continuous service on a regular basis to stay looking great
all year.

Aquatic plant care is included in most maintenance plans, your
desirable and beneficial plants are pruned monthly to promote healthy
growth and make sure they always look their best.