Commercial Services

Commercial property managers, HOAs or Goverment Agencies face
unique and complex challenges when it comes to large scale lake
management or restoration. You can count on us to create an
integrated lake solution that will fulfill you commercial property needs
and provide the attention to detail it deserves.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects come with their own specific challenges, and can
sometimes appear overwhelming due to the magnitude of the project.

Whether you are in charge of managing a Lake, Pond, Fountain, Pipe,
Canal, Recreational Area or Whole lake, we surely have the services to
fit your needs.

Before commencing any commercial work, our team of experts will
provide an evaluation of the water body and create a long-term plan
designed to suit the homeowners and HOA needs, maintain a healthy
lake ecosystem and improve water quality. We pride ourselves in
maintaining a great communication with the property manager to
guarantee expectations to be met at a reasonable price. Karina
Lakefront will always comply with all regulatory requirement from the
county or state.

While servicing your property you can expect a high standard of
professionalism and friendliness. Our interference with the activities of
the neighborhood will be minimal and the results outstanding.

Lake or Canal Restoration

These are our favorite type of projects as the results can be very
rewarding. For whole body lake restorations, we may come up with a
mixed solution which could include herbicide applications, algaecide
applications, manual vegetation removal, mechanical removal, water
jet methods, fountain installations, nutrient reduction techniques,
biological control agents, installation of aquatic gardens. Or, if you
simply would like to remove the maximum allowed amount of
vegetation to create an access corridor we can do just that too!

Pond and Retention Areas

Man-made ponds and retention areas are the most common solution
for storm water control in Florida. They are often connected to many
wetland basins, large scale dumping lakes, pipe systems and even
neighboring residential developments to receive or exchange constant
storm water runoff. They can pose specific challenges of unexpected
vegetation or algae blooms. Whether you are looking for a first time
cleaning or for a long term plan, it is important to understand the
association of the pond to the surrounding areas.

We will do our homework from the beginning to provide the most
appropriate solution and to guarantee that surrounding natural areas
are not affected by the control method selected and avoid further
spread of undesirable vegetation.

Fountain and Aerator Installation

Fountains can add to the aesthetic appeal to your pond or retention
area. It can also promote water movement which will in turn inhibit still
water algae blooms. Aerators help oxygenate the water column which
can be beneficial to the ecosystem and fish. There are many different
types of aerators and fountains, we can help select and install the
desired device to suit your needs.

Integrated maintenance programs

Commercial property Managers (whether an HOA representative or
State figure) know there is a delicate balance between water body
need, homeowner expectations and budget. Our continued
maintenance programs are designed with this balance in mind. We
can service common areas, fountains, beach areas, bridges, pipes.
We are an All-In-One stop shop for water bodies.

As your Lake management providers we will submit monthly visit
reports, maintain excellent communication with manager in charge,
provide quick solutions to arising problems or needs, educate
residents and make recommendations for lake improvements, such as
adding fish, doing a nutrient reduction treatment or creating a healthier
aquatic ecosystem.

Biological Control Method

Biological control agents such as the introduction of Triploid Grass Carp
is a common technique for management of certain nuisance species,
such as Hydrilla. Triploid grass carp cannot reproduce and are tightly
regulated by the state. They are sold by certified fisheries and can only
be purchased with a state permit.

We can handle the permit processing, establish the fish barriers so that
your lake becomes a close system, delivery and monitoring of the fish.

Common Areas Restoration
and Maintenance

The common areas are a focal point for new residents, visitors and
appraisers. We can restore or maintain your volleyball court, beach
area, dock, seawall or any area on the lake shore that needs extra
attention and love for an affordable price.

Educating the residents

We realize that educating the residents to have best practices to
preserve our water bodies can be very challenging. Most of us don’t
realize that we are continuously contributing to the pollution of our
lakes, even when we don’t directly live on a shoreline.

There is a tremendous impact from the knowledge and decision of the
residents that can often be the underlying cause of the “sudden algae
bloom” or increase in debris on the shoreline. For example, many
homeowners don’t know that there are counties ordinances in place
to address the serious issue of nutrient overload in the water body due
to fertilizer input from lawns.

If you are interested in hosting a community event, lunch and learn
host a guest speaker, or develop some educational material specific
for your residents we can assign one of our knowledgeable biologist
to come set up an educational plan.

Nutrient Reduction

Nutrient reduction is an alternative technique applicable to lakes with
overload of Phosphorous in the water. Not all water bodies are good
candidates for this technique but it has proven to be an excellent
solution to target the underlying causes of frequent Algae blooms
related to high amounts of nutrients.

We can discuss it this might be an option for your lake after analyzing
the characteristics and doing a water quality test.

Water Quality and Testing

Water imbalances can have severe detrimental effects to your water
body. It is important to test the water quality to prevent undesirable
blooms of algae, fish kills, ecosystem decline or growth of new
invasive vegetation. As part of our maintenance program, our team will
test the water to look for: Ph. Imbalances, Phosphorous and Nitrate
levels, Dissolved Oxygen, and other variables. The results of these
tests, interpreted collectively, give us a clear picture into the health and
status of your body of water and help us prevent future undesirable

If you simply would like to know the current health of your water body,
you do not need to be part of the maintenance program, give us a call
and one of our biologist in staff will come out to perform the water test
and meet with you for an explanation of the results.