Erosion Control

Erosion Control is indispensable to many lakefront properties; over time, the backyard decreases in size and water continues to infiltrate into your lawn, often having devastating effects. All homeowners should be aware if this is an issue in their lakefront or lake. We can help you identify the erosion and propose Eco-Friendly methods to correct the issue.

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Natural Stone Seawall Installation

Natural stone seawalls are an excellent way to stop erosion and
enhance the aesthetic of your lakefront. Karina lakefront can create an
install an attractive and effective solution using eco-friendly materials
carefully selected by our team of experts with years of experience.

Our erosion control geo-fabric prevents the loss of soil while allowing
surface water to move freely. Each stone is handpicked to fit a specific
characteristic and size requirement.

Your seawall will be a long lasting
and environmentally responsible
solution that gives your shoreline a
very customized look

Plant-Based Erosion Control Methods

Plants like Pickerelweed can help break up waves before they reach
the shoreline, which can create erosion in the long run. Natural erosion
methods can dissipate the current energy and protect the banks.

Seawall Maintenance

Karina Lakefront offers Cleaning and maintenance services for new or
existing seawalls, which includes pressure washing that can be
combined with the Monthly Lakefront Maintenance Services.

Seawall Repair

Vertical seawalls often display erosion in the form of cavities and
recessed areas behind the seawall. This repair focuses on utilizing an
erosion control fabric that allows water to percolate without soil
leaching through the seawall.