Waterfront Property

Waterfront properties are some of the most expensive pieces of property to own, and naturally, you will want to keep your property value high. You will want to be able to eliminate and prevent any problems that could cause the property value of your waterfront property to decrease.

Here are a few things you will need to know to effectively maintain your property and increase your property value.

Increasing Your Waterfront Property Value with Lakefront Restoration


While living on a waterfront property sounds like a dream, you will still have to do the work to keep your home intact. Your property could become susceptible to water damage, erosion, and rust. We help prevent those types of damages, and we can also stain and seal your deck to protect them from wearing down.

Clean Shoreline

It is essential that your shoreline remains free of garbage, sludge, and weeds in order to uphold its appearance and excellent condition. Make it a habit of picking up trash along your shoreline so that it does not pile up and create a bigger mess that will end up damaging your property and property value.

If there is a mess that is too big to handle cleaning by yourself, you may want to hire a professional service that can help tackle these problems.

Visible Waterfront

The water is the most important part of the overall appeal of a waterfront property. It certainly does no good if you cannot see the water. When you are looking for your own waterfront property, make sure that the water is almost completely unobstructed from view. Clear any type of trees or shrubs that might be in the way.

If you have a constantly clear view of the water, then you and your guests can truly enjoy and admire the amazing scenery. This definitely increases your property’s value as well.

Preventing erosion

Erosion is the biggest challenge that many Florida Lakefront Homeowners face, as the normal high water elevations keep increasing in Swampy Florida overtime due to massive storms and global warming, homeowners face the challenge to control erosion in the yards. As the water level raises, it washes under the root mats of the often soft grass and the soil continues to bleach into the lake.

The reason why controlling this is so critical is because your property area will decrease and the shoreline will creep up towards your home, causing issues with irrigation systems and piping. After all, when buying a home the most important thing is the land it is seating. You don’t want your land being flooded into the lake.

There are specially designed riprap walls that comply with environmental agencies and are beneficial to the wildlife that can help you prevent such erosion. Make sure to ask your lakefront Providers of previous erosion control jobs to ensure that the job will get done properly. It takes experience to build a nice looking Rip-Rap that will complement your home and increase your property value!

Easy Access to the Water

An easily accessible path from the house to the water will increase the appeal of your property. In fact, how easy or difficult it is to access the waterfront from your property will make a huge impact on the overall value of your property.

A long walk or the presence of anything dangerous in the path to the water can affect the property’s value. Make sure that the path is clear and short enough for the best and easiest access.


Working with the right lake restoration company can make a big difference. Partner with Karina Lakefront Maintenance and we can help you eliminate any factors that could cause your property value to decrease and protect your property from damage and deterioration.

Plus, we can give you advice about which features of your waterfront property to pay attention to, and how to appeal to guests and potential buyers if you are interested in selling. We will work to protect your property from future damage while making improvements that will increase your property value.