Lakefront restoration

Taking on DIY projects can be challenging yet rewarding. However, there are some tasks that really aren’t worth your time and can end up costing more than it’s worth. Lakefront restoration is one of them.

Here are some crucial reasons why lakefront restoration isn’t a simple DIY job:

Possible Hazards with Animals & Plants

While you may be a DIYer and go-getter, some areas just aren’t safe to do by yourself. Central Florida and Southern Louisiana, for example, have lots of waterfront property, alligators and other wildlife that live in those waters.

If you choose to do it yourself we recommend taking safety precautions. have at least one other person willing to help and never lose sight of what the other person is doing. Always wear long pants and have some sort of tool to protect yourself.

Do some homework regarding the plants that are on your lakefront to make sure none of the vegetation is poisonous such as Poison Ivy or elephant Ears. Always have plenty of clean water available, in case of dehydration or eye contamination. Consider wearing eyewear, as the decaying vegetation is known to cause eye irritation and infections.

Additionally to the risk of plants causing health hazards if not properly handled, it is important to know that some plants are detrimental to the health of your lake, and others are beneficial. If not selectively removed you may promote the Nuisance vegetation. Many species are considered exotic nuisance vegetation because they have competitive growth advantage from the native vegetation. The native population may be completely exterminated while other populations, like Hydrilla may overtake the space. You may find yourself in a constant battle to keep up with this vegetation and restore/maintain the space properly.

Lastly, it is important to remember there are EPA, County and City regulations as to which species you may remove. You don’t want to find yourself with a large fine from these entities for removing wanted species or doing the job without the proper permit.

These entities have rules to promote health and improve the look of our waterbodies’ ecosystems. Afterall, we would not like a lake with no fish, recreational or aesthetical value.

If you are unsure of which ones to keep and which ones to remove, you could cause more harm to your property than good.

Buying the Right Equipment and Tools is Costly

Doing things yourself doesn’t always mean saving money, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment or materials from the get-go. You can end up spending more money on the equipment and safety gear than it costs to hire a professional company a few times. Plus, you also need to spend a lot of time to get the work done.

Not only will you have to purchase the right equipment, but any waste you accumulate will need to be disposed of properly. Making multiple trips to the Waste Management center is costly and you will have to account for gas and time driving back and forth. The waste management cost significantly adds up for lakefront cleanings. There is always more vegetation than you expect!

Time is Money

If you have a busy schedule, then allotting time to do cleanup on your waterfront can be a hassle. It can even make the task take 10x longer than it would to hire a company with a team to get the job done for you in a day or two.

Additionally, don’t forget about the time you may spend researching the proper herbicide, plant species in your lakefront, how-to videos, and calling your city and county to find out about permits.

Mistakes Will Cost You Extra

While some mistakes are no big deal, multiple mistakes or big ones will not only cost you time in redoing the task, but money to repurchase materials to fix the mistake. Not knowing how to perform a certain task, or just winging it can end up in some serious errors and malfunctions of equipment or structures.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Lakefront Restoration Services

Hiring a professional waterfront maintenance company has more pros than cons. While it may seem like you’ll spend more hiring someone else to do the task, you will actually be saving yourself a lot of money, frustration, and a ton of time. We recommend saving yourself all that time and money by doing it right with a professional service.

Trained and Insured: Professional companies make sure their employees are well-trained and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and extra damages or injuries. These companies are also insured, so if something should happen, everything is covered and you don’t have to pay extra.

Already Equipped for the Job: These companies will already have all the proper equipment and tools to get the job done quickly. They will also have new methods and technology to help keep costs down, and get the job done quickly.

Professional Services: Lakefront restoration companies have educated and trained professionals in Biological services to keep your waterfront property healthy and thriving. They can also set up plans to revive damaged areas back to pristine conditions, and keep them that way for decades to come.


In the long run, it’s just more cost-effective. We recommend hiring a professional service because of all the benefits you will reap from using such services like Karina Lakefront Maintenance for lake restoration services. We have a team of well-trained professionals and innovative methods to help keep your lake looking great and healthy.