When it comes to aquatic herbicides for lake cleaning, homeowners tend to be concerned about whether they’re harmful to the environment, wildlife, and their family. This is understandable since aquatic herbicides are significantly more uncommon than the average pest control or weed control solutions, and people don’t know enough about them.   

You might hesitate to hire lakefront management experts because you fear using aquatic herbicides and want other options. Keep reading to find out to understand more about the aquatic herbicides we use and how they are safe and don’t cause any damage or ill effects.

What are Aquatic Herbicides?

Aquatic herbicides are specifically created to be applied to water in order to kill aquatic plants or keep them under control. Rest assured that we only use aquatic herbicides that have been registered and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA. Since they are registered and approved, it also means that they have been carefully reviewed by the EPA and deemed suitable for aquatic surroundings when utilized correctly.

We spray aquatic herbicides directly onto aquatic plants that are both emergent or floating. Bear in mind that there are different forms of herbicides, and they can be contact, systemic, selective, or non-selective in nature. 

Contact herbicides only kill parts of the plant that come into contact with it, allowing the roots to remain alive. On the other hand, systemic herbicides are very effective in killing the whole plant. Selective herbicides only affect certain plants like broadleaf plants, whereas non-selective herbicides tend to affect all of the plants it comes into contact with.

Are Aquatic Herbicides Safe?

People understandably have concerns about the safety of aquatic herbicides. Anyone can purchase weed killer for their yard over the counter, yet it’s harmful to children and pets. So are aquatic herbicides the same?

As explained, aquatic herbicides are different from these other applications, mainly due to the fact that they are so heavily regulated. It’s not easy to purchase aquatic herbicides, and it’s also not easy for them to be certified by EPA. The aquatic ecosystem is delicate, and any water pollution can have disastrous effects, so aquatic herbicides must be very specific in how they only target unwanted algae and plants.

Rest assured that decades of research and testing go into the development of aquatic herbicides. Regulatory standards are set extremely high, and these herbicides are not taken lightly. Aquatic herbicides don’t cause harm to wildlife, people, or the lake environment.

In addition to the strict regulations, there’s another layer of security that surrounds aquatic herbicides. Only certified professionals can apply these herbicides. As trained professionals, we know how to use them safely and correctly. The careful and correct application of aquatic herbicides again adds to their overall safety. You can rest assured that aquatic herbicides will only kill targeted algae and plants without causing harm to any other wildlife or the water.


Ultimately, our aquatic herbicides are safe and don’t cause any damage or ill effects. Moreover, they have to be applied by approved, licensed, and trained experts like us. They have to be used extremely carefully and according to their instructions. If you have any further concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll gladly answer your questions.