Aquatic weeds can be challenging to get rid of, especially in an environmentally friendly manner. Even after multiple attempts to remove the weeds from your lake, aquatic weeds often return with a vengeance and are a challenge to get rid of permanently. 

When it comes to Orlando lake cleanup in an effective and responsible manner, the Weedoo harvester is the industry’s and our go-to machine.

Why You Need to Clear Out Your Lake

An important aspect of owning either a lake is ensuring proper care. If neglected, your lake will grow weeds, which can quickly become an uncontrollable problem. Unfortunately, once aquatic weeds have found a home in your body of water, they can be challenging to remove without the use of harmful chemicals or herbicides.

While you may be tempted to leave your water as is, this is not ideal. Aquatic weeds will quickly take over the water and turn it into a swampland with weeds floating at the top. However, if you use chemicals to remove the weeds, your water may become unsafe to swim in or use.

When it comes to finding an environmentally friendly solution, you may have some difficulties. Fortunately, there are solutions out there, such as our Weedoo harvester.

Our Weedoo Harvester

With our Weedoo harvester, aquatic weeds are removed from your lake in an environmentally friendly way. The Weedoo harvester is designed to unroot and remove large sections of underwater weeds, almost like a bulldozer built with a clipper attachment and made to float on water. 

Our Weedoo harvester allows us to pick up massive amounts of weeds in a trough, similar to what you would find on a bulldozer. Next, we’re able to cut through the weeds with the clipper arm up to five feet underwater. We can also use the clipper arm to cut down cattails or other shoreline weeds.

Weedoo harvesters are easy to navigate, which means your dock and other water equipment won’t be a problem. There’s also no need for a paved boat ramp as our Weedoo harvester is easy to launch in any body of water without one. 

Unlike other weed harvesters, our Weedoo harvester can be operated in shallow waters thanks to a special, shallow hull design. Thanks to this design, as long as there is a water clearance of at least two feet, our Weedoo harvester boat can be launched. The special hull design also keeps the boat stable even while carrying its maximum payload. 

Since it’s a compact machine with extra stability, our Weedoo harvester can be used even during windy conditions. In winds that would otherwise be too strong for operating a harvester, our Weedoo can be used safely and remove aquatic weeds as if the wind weren’t there. 

Weedoo harvesters are truly the most efficient machine at removing aquatic weeds without herbicides and other harmful chemicals. These machines can be used to clear both the water and the shoreline of pesky weeds with little hassle.

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If you have a lake that has become overrun with aquatic weeds and you’re looking for the best way to remove them, our Weedoo harvester is the way to go. Give us a call, and you’ll have a beautiful lakefront free of weeds in no time!