As the owner of a lakefront property, it’s essential to take responsibility and good care of the lake. Over time, aquatic weeds can grow out of control and take over, which is unhealthy for the environment and marine life.

While there are several ways to take care of and control weed growth, mechanical harvesters for lake maintenance is highly recommended and effective, as they will help restore your lake and increase oxygen. If you’ve never heard of mechanical harvesting or are curious about why increasing oxygen in your lake is important, keep reading.

What is Mechanical Harvesting?

During mechanical harvesting, a machine is used to remove or harvest the overgrown weeds that may be taking over your lake. The harvester used is made specifically for this purpose and has vertical and horizontal bar cutters.

To prevent the cut plants from continuing to take over your lake, the harvester also collects the cut weeds and deposits them on the shoreline to be taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mechanical harvesters are essentially water bulldozers, but with the purpose of cutting overgrown weeds. Operated by a professional that’s experienced with handling overgrown weeds and lakes.

The harvesters can be used to remove many types of nuisance vegetation that may be causing issues. They offer an easy and efficient way to clean out your lake and improve overall conditions for the remaining plants and animals. 

Why Is Increased Oxygen Important?

One of the most significant benefits of harvesting overgrown weeds is to promote the oxygen flow in your lake. As with humans and land animals, oxygen is just as crucial for marine animals and plants. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep on top of weed growth, it can quickly take over your lake and affect the chemistry of the water.

Here are some of the reasons why increasing oxygen is important.

  1. Improve Water Quality

The quality of the lake water is directly affected by oxygen levels, but many people don’t know this. The better aerated your lake is, the healthier it and the marine life that lives in it will be.

If there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, sediment on the bottom of your lake will release gas and metals that harm marine life. With good aeration and proper oxygen levels, you’ll also reduce algae which can quickly spread and take over the surface of your lake.

  1. Better Nutrients

With a well-aerated lake, you’ll reduce the amount of phosphorus which can encourage algae growth. Once phosphorus begins to take over your lake, it is very hard to get rid of, so you’ll need to stay on top of maintenance to ensure that your lake remains well-aerated.

  1. Protect Wildlife

Nearby wildlife and marine life that calls your lake home depends on you to ensure proper oxygen levels. With good aeration, the lake will be home to healthy wildlife and provide a better environment for marine life. Overgrown plants choke out marine life and can cause oxygen to be greatly reduced, so with mechanical harvesting and increased oxygen, you’ll provide wildlife with a better home and more protection.

Let Karina Lakefront Help You With Lake Restoration

When you own a lakefront property, it’s important to take good care of the water and shoreline. Both will require routine maintenance, and you’ll need to plan for it, but the effort is worth it. In the long run, mechanical harvesting can prevent many future problems from cropping up. Your lake will be healthier, and the wildlife around your home and marine life in the lake will be able to thrive. Call us today so we can help you with lake restoration and increase oxygen in your lake with mechanical harvesting!