A lakefront home gives you stunning recreational waters and a beautiful view so it’s only natural that you’re planning all sorts of fun summer activities. Here are some lakefront maintenance tips to help you prepare your lakefront for the best summer. 

Preparing Your Lakefront for Summer Activities

Spring Cleaning

One thing you can do quite early on is spring cleaning. Spring would be the best time to clean the property and lakefront as you should be expecting the place to experience a lot of usage when summer comes rolling in. 

Spring cleaning can include getting the house or structure itself in tip-top shape but it also means taking care of the landscape to get that full summer lake house experience. A quick walk around the property can give you a good idea of how much damage winter has left behind. 

Clear the sticks or branches that may have fallen on the ground. You can also take it a step further by preparing a lawn of summer grass by spring – this would be the best time to start on grass if you want them done by summer. 

Stock Up

Most people go to their vacation lakefront property to relax and enjoy the fresh air. If the lakefront property happens to be far from a highly urbanized area, then you should have a checklist of everything you need and begin stocking up. 

A good checklist is important to have and you can even reuse the same checklist every year. For example, you should have an idea of what you will need for some recreational activities around the lake such as life jackets, sunscreen, snacks, and even speakers, and a good playlist for some summer tunes. 

Prune Trees

During the winter or fall, there would have been trees that you left alone and didn’t prune. Now, it’s time to get back to them. Trees and even shrubs around your lakefront can lead to debris collecting that is not beneficial for your soil.


If your lakefront lawn is dry during summer, be sure to turn on those sprinklers. Many lakefront properties also use a shallow pump to transport water from the lake. Just make sure your pump has a micron filter so it doesn’t get clogged with debris.

Inspect Your Dock

Many lakefront homeowners have a boat ready to go. If so, you would probably have a dock on the lake too. Don’t forget to inspect your dock in your lakefront preparations. 

If you have a wooden dock, it has a possible lifespan of around 20 to even 25 years. Make sure you inspect the dock often and attend to any repairs needed. Take note that during winter, lake water can freeze and then unfreeze again, causing damage and strain on your wooden dock.


By getting everything in order for summer, you’ll be able to make the most of your lakefront and enjoy the best summertime activities. Summer is an amazing time to let loose and unwind so be sure to start off on the right foot by adequately preparing your lakefront.