Having your own dock is a luxury to be enjoyed. In the summer, you can spend time in your own private paradise rather than hopping over to an overcrowded beach where you have to wait in line to launch your boat.

After your dock was built, you may have thought that there would be no further work to do. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Just like with houses and sheds and porches, your dock is going to need some occasional repairs. It’s directly exposed to the elements and has to battle a lot, so don’t be surprised if the need for repair arises.

When it comes to dock repair Orlando issues, some things are more common than others. Some of these issues can be resolved quickly, whereas others may require you to replace your dock fully.

Common Dock Repair Issues

  1. Warped or Cracked Wood

If your dock is made of wood, you’ll have to look out for warping or cracking. When wood is directly exposed to the water, it’s going to absorb the moisture and eventually warp or crack. Combine this with the fact that your dock is near the water year round and you’re bound to encounter this problem every so often.

Depending on how bad the warping is, you may be able to get away with simply replacing the affected board. Same with cracking. If it’s just a small, isolated portion of your dock, replacing the board will be a cheaper solution.

If your dock has a lot of warped or cracked areas, you’ll likely end up replacing it entirely. This will ensure your dock is still well supported.

  1. Rot

Rotten wood is obviously a huge problem. It affects the support of your dock, and if you don’t catch it in time, someone could get seriously hurt. 

When your dock only has a small section of rot, you can get away with simply sanding the affected area away. Only do this if the area isn’t vital to the support and integrity of your dock. Otherwise, you’re better off replacing the section.

If your dock is covered in rot or the rotting area poses a hazard to the support structure of your dock, replacing your dock may be necessary.

  1. Rust

Like wood, metal doesn’t mix well with water, and over time, any metal parts will rust. You may only have a few fastenings that are metal, and as such, you can usually get away with replacing them as necessary. If your dock’s support structure relies heavily on metal parts, however, you’ll want to tackle rust before it becomes too big of a problem.

Even galvanized and waterproof parts will need replacing over time. They might last longer, but as they get older, they’ll start to lose their protective coating.

  1. Underwater Foundation or Platform Damage

If your dock was installed permanently with pillars or an underwater foundation, then you’ll want to keep an eye on any damage to the supports. Unfortunately, underwater support structures are much more challenging to monitor or repair.

In most cases, if your underwater foundation or platform support sustains damage, you’ll pay a hefty repair fee. However, what may seem like a simple repair issue may actually require a full replacement as your dock’s structural integrity may be in danger.

If your underwater foundation or platform is cracking, rotting, or otherwise deteriorating, you’ll probably need a full replacement or risk the safety of your dock.


It’s vital that your dock is well maintained and receives regular repairs when necessary for everyone’s safety. Fortunately, you should be able to notice any surface damage immediately. To ensure your dock is safe and in good condition, hire a professional like us to repair minor structural problems to prevent more significant problems further down the road.