Owning a lake means taking responsibility and ensuring that it is well taken care of and clean. When a lake gets overrun with algae or plants, it can be dangerous for any aquatic life living in the lake and local wildlife that relies on the lake. 

Hiring a professional to clean up your lake is your best bet at restoring it, but what does the lake cleanup Orlando process look like? 

The Lake Cleaning Process

Algae is one of the biggest concerns in most lake cleanups, but professionals have a myriad of methods for getting rid of it. Using commercial tools, professionals may choose to use ultrasound technology, chemicals, or aeration to control the algae.

Ultrasound technology will create a layer on top of the water, preventing algae from rising to the surface to photosynthesize. Without being able to photosynthesize, the algae will eventually die off.

Using the chemical method, professionals will treat the surface of the lake. It must be done carefully, as rapidly dying algae can be toxic to marine life.

In addition to getting rid of algae, professionals will also take care of overgrown weeds and invasive species and remove dead things.

When plant life begins to take over the shoreline of your lake, it makes it difficult to enjoy your lake and impossible for wildlife to get through. If left unattended for too long, invasive plant species may take over your lake entirely. This is why professionals will cut back and remove any overgrown plants to open up access to your lake again during the lake cleanup process.

There may be many dead things on the shore of your lake, whether this is because invasive plant species prevented them from leaving or because there isn’t anything to help them decay. Whatever the cause, it’s important that dead plants and animals are removed from the area, so they don’t encourage algae growth after the cleanup is done.

Why Clean Your Lake

There are many important reasons why you should clean your lake. Even if you don’t routinely head out for a swim, a clean lake is vital for these reasons.

Easy Water Access

Even if you don’t actively use the lake, other wildlife around you do. Cleaning up your lake and shoreline allows for easier water access. This can make a day out on the lake much easier as you won’t have to navigate reeds, algae, and other overgrown plant life.

Healthier Aquatic Life

As a lake owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of the aquatic life in your lake, which means not letting it get overrun. Clean shorelines are much healthier. Without algae blocking sunlight and invasive plant species stealing all the oxygen from the water, natural aquatic plants and wildlife will also be able to enjoy the lake.

Increased Property Value

A dirty, overgrown lake won’t do any good for your property’s appeal, but a healthier, clean lake will increase your property’s net value. Your property will both look better and be worth more simply by having a clean, appealing lake.


When your lake is clean, you’ll be able to enjoy it more than when it’s overrun by plants and covered in algae. If you choose to use shelf-brand chemicals and attempt to clean out your lake on your own, however, you’re more likely to hurt it rather than help it. Instead, hire our professionals to take care of your lake so you can be confident that it’s getting the best treatment.