Owning a lakefront property is a significant responsibility. It involves regular cleanup so that your shoreline remains tidy and clean, but also so that the wildlife and marine life have a safe and healthy environment. 

Cleaning lakes in Orlando is a lot of work; that much is true, but it comes with numerous benefits that many property owners don’t realize. Even if you don’t think a cleanup is absolutely necessary, you might want to think again after learning about the benefits.

Some Benefits of Lake Cleanups You May Not Have Thought Of

Fewer Insects and Pests

Warm, mushy shorelines make the perfect home for pests like spiders, snakes, and mosquitos. While you may not mind the extra bushes around your shore, you will mind all the bugs and pests that like living in them. Depending on how close your home is to the lakeshore, these pests and insects may decide that your home is another perfect place for them.

Overgrown weeds and bushes, swampy shorelines, and murky water can all encourage insects and pests to move in. Unfortunately, once these pests make their home on your waterfront, it can be hard to get rid of them, and they may cause expensive damage. Scheduling a lake cleanup, however, can help leave your property pest-free.

Easier Access

Whether you have a boat you want to take out, or you just want to go for a swim, having easy access to your lake makes it more enjoyable. When weeds grow, and the water gets murky, you probably won’t want to swim in it. Even if you’re out boating, tall weeds and seaweed can make it incredibly difficult to navigate a boat or leave you stranded when they tangle in the rutter.

Cleaning up your lakefront will make it easier to access and enjoy the water. You won’t have to battle brush and seaweed whenever you want to enjoy your lake. This makes bringing down a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard easier and starting up a boat much less hassle.

Increased Shore Appeal

A smelly, mushy shoreline is hardly appealing. Even if you don’t have neighbors, you don’t want your waterfront to look bad and smell worse. Part of the draw of lakefront property is the appeal of the water and shore, but tall weeds and patches of seaweed or algae can ruin this.

A lake cleanup is the quickest way to improve your shore appeal and bring your waterfront property back to life.

Healthier Wildlife

As weeds and seaweed take over a lakebed, the water becomes unhealthy for marine life, and nearby wildlife may be affected as well.

Part of owning a waterfront property involves taking on the responsibility of caring for the lake and environment. Local wildlife will depend on you to keep their water supply healthy and accessible, but if you let plants grow up on the shoreline or seaweed take over the lake, then the fish and marine life will suffer, and local animals will have to go somewhere else.

Simply taking care of your waterfront will ensure that the native plants and animals that live nearby are happier and healthier. In return, you can rest assured that your pets aren’t going to come into contact with sick or unhealthy wildlife and that the animals that live on your property are well taken care of.


When you own a waterfront property, you’ll need a plan to take proper care of it. Shorelines and beaches can make for beautiful scenery and be the perfect place for a party, but only if you make sure that they’re clean and healthy. With a lake cleanup, you can do just that quickly and easily so don’t hesitate to call us today!