If you own a lakefront property, then you’d be familiar with the way that lakes can become overrun with weeds, seaweed, and algae. When they aren’t cared for properly, lakes can become an eyesore instead of a beautiful sight to admire.

Lakefront cleaning Orlando is the best way to combat this issue, but in order to get the most out of cleaning up your lake, here’s what you can do.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Lake Cleanup?

Avoid Using Fertilizers

Fertilizers are a great way to keep your lawn lush and healthy, but they’re also a great way to encourage weed and seaweed growth in and around your lake. With the rain, the fertilizer will run off into the lake, and as a result, the marine plant life will also benefit from it.

Fertilizers tend to encourage algae growth, so in order to keep your lake clean and neat, avoid using fertilizers on your property, and instead of grass lawns, invest in natural fauna for your yard.

Maintain the Area

Lake cleanups are not a one-and-done job. If you want your cleanup to last and keep your lake looking good, you’ll need to do the work to maintain it. This includes cleaning up brush and leaves around the shore, removing unwanted vegetation, and working to protect the natural environment.

The best way to maintain the area is by keeping as much natural fauna around as possible. Native bushes, trees, and grasses will be much better at combating overgrowth and invasive species than a neat grass lawn or important bushes. 

Rely on the Experts

If you want to keep your lake clean and free of pollutants and weeds, you’ll need to bring in lake cleanup experts like us. As expert lake cleaners, we have all the necessary equipment to remove invasive aquatic species, clean up the shoreline, and protect your lake naturally. Using environmentally safe herbicides, we’ll safely remove harmful algae and seaweeds without increasing the risk of them growing back aggressively.

Professional lake cleanup services can do the most for maintaining your lake. You won’t need to hire our services every month, but bringing in the experts a couple of times a year at a minimum will help your lake maintain a healthy environment without getting out of control. 

Control Erosion

If you take away all the shrubbery and grasses nearby, the soil will quickly erode and likely go right into your lake. This will lead to the lake looking dirty and murky much quicker.

To prevent soil erosion, plant bushes, and shrubs in areas where the soil may be weaker. This will keep the soil together and prevent it from eroding into your lake and ruining your cleanup.

Maintain Your Boat Engine

If you have a boat that you take out on the lake, ensure that you keep the engine clean and in good shape. An old and unserviced boat engine will lead to contamination in your lake due to oil spills and gas. When your lake is contaminated, you may start to notice several problems. Invasive species may be quick to grow in the lake bed while native species die out. Overall, it’s important to understand that maintaining your boat engine is important for the health of your lake. 


As a lakefront property owner, it’s crucial to take care of your lake and keep up with its maintenance. Scheduling regular cleanups with us will help your lake stay clean and healthy, but follow these tips to help you get the most out of your lake cleanup.